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Holy Rosary school has provided an environment for us of education, faith, care, & safety. From the start, we have always felt welcomed and part of a caring community. That community is the Holy Rosary School and Church as they are one. We are blessed to know so many great families that have the same goals as ours; to give our children the best education, faith, & thriving environment. Our Holy Rosary School teachers, staff, and families are the key to this environment. The staff know every child by name and take pride in ensuring a safe environment.

- Michelle Lopez , Parent

A Catholic school education was the best gift my parents ever gave me. Holy Rosary gave me the strong foundation I needed to succeed... I can trace my success academically all the way back to Holy Rosary.

- Brigget , Alumni

We are proud to share that our three children have attended Holy Rosary School. Our first son graduated in 2014, second daughter in 2019 & with the will of God our third daughter in 2025. HRS fosters a strong sense of community in its students, parents and its church. HRS not only delivers a quality education, but initiates each child to grow their faith, work ethic and integrity. HRS was & is the best foundation for our children.

- The Figueroa Family , Parent

Holy Rosary has been a family tradition since I was a kid. My parents sent my sister and I to Holy Rosary when we were kids in the 1990s, my oldest daughter went to Holy Rosary until we moved to Sacramento, and, after moving back to Woodland, my youngest daughter now attends. My oldest daughter was attending Montessori and, by age 6, had no idea how to write or read or anything that pertains to education, so we moved her to Holy Rosary. She was reading within a month and has excelled in all of her classes to the point where she is taking advanced placement courses in high school. My youngest daughter has been attending Holy Rosary since TK. She is an early reader, and is reading at least a  year above her grade level. She has a love of learning that comes when you have been exposed to teachers who have a passion for what they do and care deeply about the wellbeing and happiness of all their students. I will never regret the decision to send my kids to private school - the education they are provided is above and beyond anything you can expect at the public school level.

- Kaitlin Danziger , Parent

I am so grateful to Holy Rosary Catholic School for the wonderful education and life skills that my grandson receives. I am my grandson's guardian and I had him in the public school system for his kinder year, but he did not learn much at all then COVID happened. I was worried about him being behind, so I was told by a relative whose daughter attends Holy Rosary to try it out, so we did. It was the best decision we have ever made, not only did he learn how to read and write at a record pace, he was brought up to grade level in his first year. When he first started, he had no idea how to read and he could only write his name. We have been with Holy Rosary now for three years and my grandson is a good student learning so much. The teachers are wonderful and kind and have given so much of themselves to help him grow that it is beyond words. 

We learned that my grandson has ADHD this year and even with this learning disadvantage they have helped him shine. They helped him through some tough behavior issues due to his attention issues and now he has even overcome those hurdles. We are beyond happy with what Holy Rosary provides their students and families.

- Danielle Lizarraga , Parent