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Learning Expectations

Holy Rosary Catholic School uses academic curriculum to elevate student's mastery of the Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs), which emphasize lifelong learning skills.

A Holy Rosary Catholic School Graduate is…

Self Evaluators who...

  • Accept responsibility for their actions
  • Recognize strengths and opportunities to improve
  • Set goals and persist to achieve them

Active Catholics who...

  • Know, love, and serve Jesus
  • Participate in our faith community through prayer, Mass, and the Sacraments
  • Understand and live out Church teachings
  • Appreciate and protect all God’s gifts

In-depth Learners who...

  • Welcome all learning opportunities
  • Listen and communicate effectively and respectfully
  • Read for enjoyment and learning
  • Use educational and technological resources responsibly

Navigators through all aspects of life who...

  • Make moral and responsible choices
  • Consider and appreciate different points of view

Tenacious people who...

  • Persevere through challenges without fear of failure
  • Are self-motivated and confident
  • Are proud and enthusiastic about being a Saint!