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Christian Service Program


Students at Holy Rosary Catholic School are also members of various communities (such as parishes, a neighborhood, social organizations, etc.). Membership in any community involves the responsibility to participate in and support that community.

For our school community, students are expected to donate (volunteer) the following hours of community service:

Grades 5-6, a minimum of 10 hours, typically part of the school day/offering

Grades 7-8, a minimum of 20 hours, typically including helping at school functions, but also finding opportunities in the community.  8th graders must fulfill their 20 hour obligation a minimum of two weeks prior to graduation and will not be able to graduate with their class if they have not done so. Students will keep a log of their hours.

Additionally, our 8th grade students preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation may be asked to participate in projects outside of the school day.  The Pastor for the student (where his or her family normally attends church) or the Sacramental preparation coordinator determines the appropriateness of the service project(s).