COVID-19 Updates and Resources

While the possible spread of the coronavirus may cause uncertainty and fear, the staff at Holy Rosary Catholic School have developed Return to School Plan: Covid-19 Protocols, a comprehensive plan of health protocols and campus safety procedures that have received approval from the County of Sacramento. Our plan is also in compliance with the CDC and Catholic Mutual, our insurance carrier. Return to School Plan: Covid-19 Protocols contains all of the primary tenets for safety; social distancing, wearing of facial coverings, and procedures for proper hygiene and sanitation.

Pediatricians agree that interaction with others is essential to the emotional and mental well-being of a child. With the help of teachers and staff, students will be guided in ways that ensure their safety as they learn in a loving and healthy environment that instills knowledge and moral values.

Contact Tracers: Mrs. Fechter and Mr. Bachmeier

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