Our Mission Statement & SLEs

Mission Statement

The mission of Holy Rosary Catholic School is to live, love, and learn with Jesus Christ as our model.

Student Learning Expectations (SLEs)

Holy Rosary Catholic School uses academic curriculum to elevate students’ mastery of the Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs), which emphasize lifelong learning skills.

A Holy Rosary Catholic School Graduate is…

Active Christians who:

  • Understand Church Teachings
  • Live the Gospel through service to others
  • Demonstrate compassion
  • Respect diversity
  • Participate in Mass
  • Pray

Life Long Learners who:

  • Make responsible choices with their health, fitness and environment
  • Are self-motivated and confident
  • Use educational and technological resources
  • Read for enjoyment and learning
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the arts

Effective Communicators who:

  • Work cooperatively in group settings
  • Use listening and questioning skills
  • Express ideas orally and in writing
  • Write effectively and in a variety of genres
  • Speak publicly with confidence

Effective Self-Evaluators who:

  • Make moral choices
  • Demonstrate responsible behavior
  • Recognize their strengths and weaknesses
  • Are open to constructive criticism
  • Assess work for quality

Effective Problem Solvers who:

  • Think critically
  • Learn and evaluate
  • Formulate solutions

Holy Rosary Catholic School Code of Conduct

A Holy Rosary Saint…